Red Lipstick - A Girl's Best Friend

April 2, 2014
You can never go wrong with red and it's very important that every girl has one good red lipstick in their make up bag.

Here are a few of my favourite affordable red lipsticks!

1. Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Colour: I only got this recently but I absolutely adore it! It's quite a matte red, with little, to no shimmer. I wore this out one night and I'm not joking it was still on he next day and I hadn't topped it up all night. I have it in the shade Red Velvet. It's perfect for day time and night time. The only disadvantage is that it doesn't really moisturise my lips and they can sometimes feel very dry when wearing this product, but for the very low price of about €4, I can't really complain!

2. Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon: I am sure everyone is sick to death of hearing me go on and on about this product. For just under €12, this lipstick is by far my favourite lipstick. I wear this any chance I get. It is a little paler than red and has a slight shimmer to it. It's very buildable so you can make it as dark as you please! I have it in the shade Red Sunrise. I have bought this product about 3 times already and I will continue to do so until the day I die. I have not one bad thing to say about this lipstick (other than the fact that my dog tried to eat it as you can see bite marks on the lid!).

3. Essence Long Lasting Lipstick: This is possibly the most boring of the three favourites. The packaging is boring, the name is boring and to be honest I don't know what attracted me to this lipstick but I am glad I found it. Underneath the boring black packaging is the nicest colour red lipstick. The shade Dare To Wear has a hint of cherry colour to it and of course, is a little shimmery. This product was under €4 which makes me want to sing and dance because it is a fabulous colour. I love wearing it on a night out.

What are your favourite red lipsticks? I would love to try some :)

Aileen x