Journey To Agartha (Children Who Chase Lost Voices) | Movie Review

May 19, 2014
I haven't done a movie review in a while so why not do one now? Yes it is an anime movie review. I'm sorry I'm such a loser.

Yesterday myself and my older brother, Emmet, decided to watch a movie and of course I suggested an anime. We've been talking about watching Journey To Agartha for quite a few weeks now but with exams and assignments and what not we never had the chance.
This anime is not like the usual animes I watch. It was extremely strange however there was a touch of magic and it was very intriguing. I was exhausted as I was out the night before and I struggles to stay awake but I kept my eyes open for the entire film.

Agartha is the name of the Underworld where the souls of the dead are and where the living can seek out dead loved ones and bring them back to life. Asuna meets a boy called Shun who is from the Underworld and she feels a special connection with him. He saves her life and she is left feeling completely different. Her whole world is turned upside-down. 

I don't want to say too much as I may spoil it for any of you who may want to watch it but this movie is truly beautiful and well worth the watch.