'Pick Me Up' Essentials

July 5, 2014

These are a few bits that I have found myself turning to when I feel like I just need to chill out or when I'm feeling down and need a little pick me up. This isn't a monthly favourites post because I've loved some of these things for forever but I just decided to share them with you now.

Daim Chocolate Bar: I don't even care if this is silly, this chocolate makes me so happy! The chocolate is amazing and tastes so creamy and the buttery inside is so crunchy and delicious. And the best part? I can get a 4 packet of these for €2 in my Dad's shop! Yes please!

Grey 'Love to Lounge' Slippers: Oh Heavens! These are the best invention. I have considered getting rid of all shoes that I own because I would wear these forever. I have gone to the shop in them, I have gone to friends' houses in them. I wear the all day and one night I even wore them in bed (which is kind of gross but they are amazing). These were only €3 in Primark and I love them so very much. 

L'Oreal Triple Active Fresh Ultra-Hydrating Gel-Cream: Isn't that a mouthful? But putting the long name aside, this moisturiser is an essential when it comes to a chill out day. Normally I feel too lazy or can't be bothered doing anything with my skin and I used to just leave it but I hate feeling like my skin is tight with dryness so this is perfect. Not only is it quick and easy to apply but it leaves my face feeling so soft and refreshed. I think I will do a review of this soon enough so stay tuned ;)

Stellar Magazine: I've loved this magazine for so long because I'm not really a 'celeb gossip Keeping Up With The Kardashians' kind of girl. I like plain and simple good 'ol fashion magazines. Stellar is perfect for me, and people like me, because not only does it give you all the tips on applying make up, and tells you all about new make up and new fashion trends but it is SO blogger friendly. I've found so many new blogs from reading Stellar and I definitely think some of you should check it out. Every month I read it cover-to-cover and sometimes I'll even read it two or three times! It's only €2 so why on earth wouldn't you buy it???

Soap & Glory Calm One Calm All Bubble Bath: Just going to start off by saying that baths are not really my thing. The thought of sitting in my own filth for 30 minutes doesn't exactly appeal to me. I'm also not great for putting up with the heat and baths are steaming! In saying that, I know baths are great for helping you sleep and relax so I still like to have one the odd time. One day I was feeling particularly bad and I decided I would splurge on some Soap & Glory products (which I will be doing reviews of in the near future) and I bought this little product, That night I had a bath and I never felt so good. It was relaxing and smelled amazing and I think I love baths now! I've had 4 or 5 baths since I bought this and I've felt amazing after all of them. This is the ultimate chill out-pamper evening bubble bath!

I would love to know your 'Pick Me Up' Essentials! Do let me know down in the comments :) X