Soap & Glory Supercat Liquid Black Eyeliner | Review

July 9, 2014

Everyone knows how much of a Soap & Glory fan I am when it comes to their skin care products and what not but only recently have I started expanding my horizons into their make up products.

I'm a very, very big fan of the 'cat eye' look and I rarely go a day without flicking out the end of my liner. Some days it works, other days it goes terribly wrong - we've all been there. Either way I am always on the look out for a new eye liner with an easier way to apply it.

I was really loving the NYC eye liner until my dog chewed it and the nib went all wonky which really was a recipe for disaster. After days of having to apply and reapply my eye liner I decided I needed a new one. Because the Soap & Glory Supercat liner had been raved about so much on YouTube and on various different Beauty Blogs I decided that this was one I had to try out.

At first this eye liner was quite hard for me to apply. I'm not used to 'pen' liners so it all felt a bit strange for me. After playing around with it for a while though I found it super easy to use and my eye liner game was as strong as ever! The fact that it is a pen and the nib is so pointy it makes my flicks really nice and I find that it is a lot easier to get my liner to kind of match (I haven't mastered the flick yet but I will get there someday). 

I love the packaging because it's so sleek and the box (not pictured as it is destroyed) is adorable, and I would expect nothing less from Soap & Glory!

The only thing I don't like about this eye liner is that when I go on a night out and I'm wearing lots of eye shadow, the eye liner kind of blends in with the eye shadow. It's not a huge problem because I always reapply my liner anyway but y'know, effort!