Anime: Ouran High School Host Club | Review

November 21, 2014

Recently I started (and finished) watching the anime series Ouran High School host Club. Everybody knows how much I love my anime and there's nothing I look forward to more than getting into bed each night and settling in to watch some Netflix. I decided to watch this  series without ever hearing much about it.

In all honesty, I thought it was so strange at first, even for an anime, but as I continued to watch it I fell in love with it and its characters. I loved every single thing about this series. Although if you like to watch things that are a little bit on the serious side, this is definitely not for you! But I couldn't understand someone who wouldn't enjoy this series. It was light, fun and so cute! The characters are adorable and the storyline is perfect.

Basically, a student called Haruhi moves to a new school and is forced to join a Host Club. The Host Club consists of six boys who are all very different, but they all make my heart melt! And the ending is amazing!

If you are an anime virgin I would highly recommend this series as it isn't too long and I can guarantee that you will enjoy it. I loved it and I plan to watch it again from the start. The only thing I don't like about it is that it's far too short. I WANT MORE!