Five Simple Ways To Ease Anxiety

May 16, 2015
Hello everyone! I've been wanting to do this post for a while because as you may know I struggle with quite severe anxiety and panic attacks. If you have only started to develop anxiety it is very difficult to know how to cope and what to do in uncomfortable situations, how to calm down and keep yourself relaxed and unfazed by the stresses of every day life.

Over the past couple of months I have been using the same ways to help ease my anxiety and to help me to relax in the evening. It's important for everyone to find time to relax but it is especially crucial for people with anxiety. These are the things I do to help me relax, calm down and unwind...

1. Take a bath: There's something about the lead up to a bath that is so exciting. I always make sure that I am ready to soak for as long as possible so I have everything that needs to be done out of the way. I close the blinds and switch on a dim light, put on some lovely music and soak all my worries away. I always always always use Soap & Glory's Calm One Calm All bubble bath because honestly it smells ah-mazing and it allows me to forget all my problems. It's a magic bubble bath, I swear!

2. Lavender: Lavender is a Godsend! I drench my pillow/sleeve/anywhere in lavender, sniff it a few times and voila! Calmness (and sleepiness - bonus!) I have lots of oils that have different functions if anyone would be interested in a post like that?

3. Reading: Reading has always helped me to escape any problem, worry, fear or trauma in my life. It is a coping mechanism for me. I love to travel to a different world. However recently I've been reading more non-fiction books. At the moment I've been reading and rereading Matt Haig's Reasons To Stay Alive and it is wonderful. The lovely Kayleigh (from veryberrycosmo) recommended it in her vlog and I bought it straight away. It's helped me see things from a new perspective and its just pages and pages of perfection. I also love the Elf Help books. We have sooo many at our house for any occasion, honestly! My mum got me this one to read when I'm feeling anxious and the above quote is one of my favourites from it!

4. Incense Sticks: Yuuuuuum! Although they are messy, incense sticks just make life a little better. I burn at least one every day because they cheer me up. It's not only the smell that makes me feel better but watching as it burns away helps to calm me down. I love watching the smoke (?) as it moves up into the air. It makes me feel a lot better :)

5. Painting Nails: This is a strange one but I feel that it helps keep me calm because for me painting my nails is a big task because I'm awful at it so it needs my full attention. While my attention is on my nails I completely forget about my worries and in turn I feel less anxious (and I have pretty nails).

Of course I have many other ways of dealing with anxiety such as breathing techniques, calming pills, drinking herbal tea, going for walks etc but I find that my above list are very simple ways of helping me (or you) through one day at a time. 

Please let me know how you deal with stress or anxiety in the comments so I can try some of your suggestions :) xx