TofuCute Haul & Impressions | Japanese Candy

July 28, 2015

Hello! Today I have an AMAZING haul mainly because it's sweeties AND Japanese and everyone knows how much I love both of those things. I bought these delicious products from last week-ish! and I received them yesterday morning which literally made my day because I was feeling a bit demotivated and lazy. Monday morning blues, we all have them!

TofuCute is based in the UK and sells not only yummy sweets and such but also adorable stationary and kawaii gifts and accessories! TofuCute ships worldwide so you should definitely have a little look around wherever you are! I love this little website because I adore everything Japanese inspired and anything with the word 'kawaii' on it. 

Meiji Milk Chocolate bar 

I knew that this chocolate was going to be delicious because the packaging looks so luxurious and fancaaaay. When I first tasted this chocolate I was kind of surprised to find that I didn't taste ANYTHING, but after a couple of seconds the taste set in and OMG it is so ridiculously good! I almost polished off the whole bar in one sitting but I restrained myself (my sister had took take it off me). I love you Meiji <333

Pepero Almond & Chocolate sticks (Pocky) 

I bought these thinking they were Pocky (they basically are!) so I was a bit disappointed when they came and it said 'Pepero' on the pack but of course, I still gave them a fair chance and boy! Am I glad I did?! These taste SO good! They are biscuit sticks covered in chocolate with crushed almonds on top and they are suuuuper tasty! This is exactly the type of thing I would go for with a cup of tea or coffee. They are so yummy!!

Puccho Watermelon chewy sweets - Watermelon

I was so excited to try these because Watermelon is one of my favourite scents/flavours. They most definitely didn't disappoint. As soon as I chewed on the first one the taste of watermelon burst in my mouth it was amazing. I could gobble these down in one second. The texture is a little strange but I can easily look past that because it tastes so frickiNG GOOD!!

Kabaya Sakusaku Panda chocolate biscuit 

These little biscuits are so cute and tiny and I fell in love as soon as I saw them. I knew I needed to have them. Unfortunately when I received them they were melted and the little panda faces were destroyed :((( I tasted them nonetheless but I still didn't enjoy them. I wasn't fond of the taste however my sister liked them so they won't go to waste!

Morinaga chewy sweets - Grape

The first one of these I tried I absolutely HATED it. It taste so strange and nothing like what I was expecting but I decided to try another just before writing this post and I actually really like them now. The taste of grape is really strong which I love and just like the Puccho sweets, the taste exploded in my mouth and lingers even as I type this. I will definitely enjoy the rest of these!

I hope you enjoyed this little haul. It's not something I usually do but I really enjoyed writing this post! Here's TofuCute's link again. Have a little nosey - everything is SO KAWAAAIIIIIIII