All The Love For BYPHASSE HairPRO mask | Review

August 15, 2015
I'm going to start this review off with a little personal story. I suffer with anxiety as you may know from numerous blog post I have written to do with anxiety/panic attacks etc. One of the 'side effects' (if you would call it that) of MY anxiety is that I also suffer with a form of OCD known as Trichotillomania, which is basically a constant urge to pull my hair out. I pull handfuls out at a time. It's embarrassing and disgusting and my family have noticed a lot of hair around the floor in the house. I don't even realise I'm doing it so it's quite a hard thing to stop. 

As a result I have suffered quite a lot of thinning at the top of my head, where I pick and pull at most. My scalp is starting to show and I'm extremely worried I will experience bald patches. It's not very nice thing to deal with, especially being a girl who loves beauty, make up and hair. 

Because of this I have been on the hunt for the perfect hair mask (and any other hair products!!!). I have been trying a lot and spending a lot more! Finally, I think I've found something I really enjoy - Byphasse HairPRO mask - which was actually given to me by my aunt and I had little to no expectations when I used it so for me to sit down and start such a positive review is a little surprising!

The first time I used this hair mask I was so unimpressed. My hair was left dull, boring and literally nothing special but I decided I would give it another go and this time I actually READ HOW YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO US IT. Yep, I was using a flippin hair mask wrong! In the case of this mask you're supposed to cover your hair with it, even your roots which I was a bit nervous about as I was afraid of greasy, flat hair but OH MY... it works. 

My hair obviously isn't instantly becoming thick and Rapunzel-like again. It will take time but this hair mask has definitely helped. It leaves my hair feeling soft and healthy. My hair has also never looked so shiny in MONTHS! I'm so impressed with this mask I have been using it more than any other hair product at the moment and I will continue to use it until I need to buy another one (because I will definitely buy another one).

It actually has the weirdest texture (??) ever. It's a bit like jelly and is kind of translucent which I find quite strange. It has no real unique smell to it which I kind of enjoy as my shampoo I've been using has such a nice smell and the mask doesn't MASK (hahahahah sorry!) the nice smell.