The Body Shop Colour Crush lipstick | Review

August 8, 2015

Hello lovelies! I've had this lipstick for ageesss now and I've been DYING to review it but I've been so busy doing hauls and other posts that I haven't found a minute to sit down and tell you about this STUNNING lipstick from The Body Shop. 

I have yet to meet someone who doesn't love at least ONE thing from The Body Shop. There's literally something for everyone. Even my brother who has no interest in the beauty world has tried some of the products and loved them (not any of the make up, may I add!). When I was in the Pavilions in Dublin a while back I saw this shade (210 Sweetheart Pink) and I fell in love! It is the most wonderful shade of bright baby pink, almost like something Barbie would wear. 

As with so many of the products from The Body Shop, the Colour Crush lipstick is super nourishing, moisturising and it almost feels like you're giving your lips a mini spa treatment, of sorts! The product glides onto your lips and leaves them feeling soft moisturised. It also gives off a small amount of shimmer which is perfect for me as I tend to steer away from matte shades during the summer! Howeevvvvvveer the taste is something that I struggle a bit with but it usually subsides within thirty or so minutes, and that's just something I, personally struggle with. You may not have this problem!

I've heard many bloggers also talk about how some of these lipsticks aren't very pigmented however this shade in particular does give off a nice pop of colour to your lips as it is so bright! Again, another shade that's perfect for summer, if we ever get the weather!

This lipstick is quickly becoming one that I reach for a lot because I adore my pink lips, especially during summer. I find them so easy to wear during the day and at night. So if you're a pink love like me you should definitely have a little look into this lipstick - it's the perfect day time shade!

Have you tried any of the Colour Crush range from The Body Shop?