Baker Days | CAKE BY POST*

September 17, 2015

Yes I'm back. I know I've been AWOL for a while but I just started University and things are a bit crazy. My schedule is literally so messed up and I am so all over the place.

Today I have a review of Baker Days' Letterbox cake* which may sound a bit strange but it is quite literally a cake that fits through your letterbox. Cutest idea ever!

Baker Days contacted me and asked me if I would like to receive one of these cakes and of course, I couldn't refuse! Cake? How could I say no?

There is a range of flavours and designs available for any occasion as well as the option of creating your own design! I opted for a design already available because we all know I'm very uncreative. I got this cute little 'Well Done' design as I had just got my exam results and I deserved cake.  I also decided on vanilla sponge because who doesn't like vanilla? 

The cake was sent out so quickly and I received it in less than a week! I was afraid it might be stale when I received it but it was so fresh. The cakes are supposed to last up to two full weeks but to be honest, it lasted about two hours in my house! It went down so well!

When I opened the box I was expecting just a cake but I was greeted by a few party bits and bobs, including balloons (which my dog LOVED), a candle, a party blower and a gorgeous little tin box which you can easily use again and again. What a nice surprise! The presentation of the cake was absolutely perfect and the quality of it was brilliant!

Baker Days cakes prices range from £14.99 upwards and include free 7 day delivery so your cake is guaranteed to arrive in time for whatever special occasion you are celebrating!

All in all I think that this is such a special present to receive and it's such a lovely idea for any occasion. However, I am unsure whether I would have paid £14.99 for the cake had I not been sent it as I am a student and have very, VERY limited funds :(((( but if it was for someone special I may have splashed the cash 

You can find a wide range of cakes from the Baker Days website here as well as following them on Twitter here.