One Year Anniversary | The Morgan Hotel & Dublin Zoo

January 6, 2016
Last weekend David and I went to Dublin to see Mary Poppins in the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre (can I just say how amazing it was??! Best show I've EVER been to, so thanks Apple). We stayed in the gorgeous Morgan Hotel in Temple Bar. We did feel a little out of place in the hotel 'cos it was so posh and stunning and we were just, not. But it was lovely to stay somewhere so fancy, especially for such a special occasion (I've never been with someone for so long without getting sick of them so congrats to me).

The room was bright, white and clean. A blogger's paradise, with a wooden wall and a marble vanity desk. YES, MARBLE. It was a dream to stay in this room. David and I described it as 'an angel bed', and that it was.

I could write all day about how beautiful, and aesthetically pleasing this room was (HOW is this hotel not a 5-star??!!) but I think, in this case, a picture paints a thousand words, so enjoy:

 (I found this amazing 'cos me and David's nickname for each other is 'apple' how cute!!!)

 The Morgan was situated RIGHT BESIDE The Hard Rock Cafe so it would have been rude not to have gone in for some lunch. We both had a burger and I'm not going to lie - it tasted like the tears of angels. It had a beef burger with cheese, lettuce, BACON, and BBQ hickory sauce (or something along those lines). It was delicious. I out-ate my boyfriend.

 We also went to the Zoo which was obviously amazing because animals are amazing. I haven't been to Dublin Zoo since I was like, five? And a peacock stole my crisps but despite the traumatic memories, I loved it!

 Thank you so much David for a wonderful weekend, I love you lots xxxx