Weekend In Dublin | Gibson Hotel

January 5, 2016
On the weekend of my birthday (18th December) myself, my Mammy and my sister, Dearbhla headed off to Dublin for the Mrs Brown's Boys show which was held in the 3Arena. We left in the early morning of Friday (it was 11 a.m but stillllll...) and copious amount of festive tunes and  a delicious wrap later we arrived in Dublin. We stayed in the Gibson Hotel which is located right beside the 3Arena, very convenient for lazy people who hate walking in heels and getting their hair messed up by the wind aka me.

I would describe the Gibson as being somewhat futuristic with very modern furniture, crisp and white. There was limited colour and patterns in the rooms which is exactly how I like hotel rooms to be as I want them to almost feel sterile. It was very clean. There was no clutter in the room, just the things that were necessary and the room felt big and open. Despite this it was very welcoming, with a plant by the mirror, a little quote on the bed and a complimentary bottle of water on the table, which was a nice touch.

The bathroom was probably my favourite part (is that strange????). It was big, bright and clean. The shower, which I forgot to picture (dammit aileen!!!!!) was huge. It was like a shower from a movie, I can't even describe how obsessed I was. The Gibson also left a few samples of Rituals Cosmetics which I had never tried before but I was so impressed with, and now I'm tempted to buy some. 
The bathroom also featured a lovely unique picture which added colour to the otherwise stark white room. I loved it!

The hotel was decorated beautifully with a large Christmas tree in the reception beside the dining room/bar. It fitted in so nicely to the colour scheme of the reception with a pop of pink and green against the white background. 

For some reason (probably 'cos I'm an idiot) I could not stop giggling at the name of the bar - 'hemidemisemiquaver bar'. I just laughed and laughed. Despite all my laughing the bar was gorgeous, the atmosphere was lively, the staff were friendly and the food was delicious.

(The lighting was terrible however so please excuse the awful pictures!)

For my starter I had duck spring rolls with the yummiest, but weirdest salad and a side of sweet chili sauce. It took me approximately three minutes to gobble this down. Then I had to painfully watch as my mum and my sister savored every bite of their starter :(((( 

For my main I had thai green curry, which I'm not going to lie, looked awful when it came out but it was so delicious. I wasn't a fan of the prawn crackers though as I only like the nutritious ones from the take away *sarcasm* 

Along with my meal I had a Bulmers, because THEY HAD NO ORCHARD THIEVES. That is literally the only thing I can complain about during my stay in the Gibson and even then I still love Bulmers.

After dinner we headed over to the Arena. I had to buy popcorn obviously because I didn't want to have to get up during the show. Let me tel you, the show was absolutely HILARIOUS. I was cry laughing and to tell the truth I even cried sad emotional tears at one stage. The show was so well put together and the actors were amazing, despite a few of them laughing through their lines. It was very impressive as a portion of it was improvised. Shout out to Emmet for getting us the tickets!

Then we went back to the hotel, got some hot chocolate and headed to bed. PS the hot chocolate was amazing.

My favourite part of staying in a hotel with my family is always breakfast. My sister, Dearbhla and I always see who can eat the most (I always win, obviously...). The breakfast in the Gibson was fabulous, which was expected. I had some very sophisticated Coco Pops 'cos adulthood, with orange juice AND apple juice (wow Aileen slow down you crazy wildcat). Of course, I had coffee or else I wouldn't be able to function, and finally I had a miniature fry because I'm not a big fan of a full Irish. 

I really did have a lovely weekend. I on't normally like my birthday but this year was really enjoyable. I hope you enjoyed reading. See you soon x