My All-Time Favourite Body Moisturiser

April 30, 2016
I am OBSESSED with moisturizing my body. I have tried so many body butters, body creams and body moisturizers. You name it, I've morethanlikely tried it. Today I am revealing my all-time favourite. The one I reach for when I step out of the shower. The one I apply before I tan. The one I grab when my skin is feeling dry. Or even, just when I want to smell so delicious.

**Drum roll please**

Introducing: Soap & Glory's Butter Yourself

Butter Yourself is an 'ultra-nourished fruity liquid' which comes with a pump top which is one of the many things I love about this moisture lotion because it's a lot less messy. The consistency of this lotion is thick, making it feel all the more luxurious when applying. It has 'melt-while-you-massage' cocoa and moringa butters which helps it to soak in quickly, allowing you to get dressed without that horrible sticky feeling. Butter Yourself helps lock in moisture and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.

And the smellllll. It's heavenly. *Grabs bottle and sniffs*

The scent is similar to many other Soap & Glory products with and emphasis on fruitiness, thanks to the 'frozen yuzu, orange oil, green fig and jungle pomelo essence'. This lotion is perfect for summer because it smells very tropical (but remember it has no SPF so be sure to add some yourself!)

Using Butter Yourself is an important step in my skin care routine. It leaves my skin feeling moisturized and soft all day long and the smell lingers around me until it's time for bed. I absolutely love this product and I can guarantee you will to!

// You can buy Butter Yourself here for £10/€11.70 //