June 2, 2016
I am currently searching for a job for summer but my heart is just not in it. From my experience of working in my Dad's shop for two years and hating every minute of it to my summer working as a housekeeper and being bullied by a fellow colleague, the thought of getting another job just throws my anxiety into full swing. Despite being poor and bored so far this summer I will not let this stop me from enjoying myself because do you really need money to have fun?

Because of this I am vowing to mind my mental health and work on the things I love this summer i.e. my blog. I am setting myself a few small goals in order to feel as though I have completed something and to keep me from spiraling into a state of laziness and irritability. 

Goal #1: Meet up with some Irish bloggers:

Aisling, Jennifer, Niamh and myself have been discussing FINALLY meeting for quite a while and it is 100% going to happen this summer. I can't wait to meet these girls. I've never met any bloggers before so this will be something completely out of my comfort zone and I couldn't be more excited.

Goal #2: Set up a Facebook page for my blog:

I've put off this for quite a while because only a handful of people know about my blog but I am beginning to feel more comfortable about it and I feel as though I'm almost ready to share it with my world AKA Donegal. I'm still nervous about setting up a Facebook because I fear people could find it before I want them to, but I'm hoping this feeling will pass this summer.  

Goal #3: Forgive my father:

My father has done some awful things this year which I have half discussed on my blog and Twitter. I am finding it very hard to forgive him as much as I want to but this summer I am planning on working really hard to mend our relationship (but only if he puts in the effort too!)

Goal #4: Read more:

Since starting college I've got out of the habit of reading. I have so many books that need to be read and summer is the perfect time to get back into it. Reading is a passion of mine which I have abandoned but I really do miss it and I'm super excited to get back into it. 

Goal #5: Complete my blogging goals:

I want to improve my blogging stats and numbers, not because numbers and figures are important, but because I tend to neglect promoting my blog and Twitter which leaves me feeling left behind other bloggers. I want to change that because I love my blog and I want to help and inspire more and more people.

So there's my summer goals for this year. What are your goals this summer?