NETFLIX: What I'm Watching

July 6, 2016
Summer in Ireland is boring, especially when you come from a small town like Donegal where all you can see for miles is green fields and dark skies. What's worse is most of my friends have jobs, my sister works and so, I'm left home alone all day every day with my dog. There's only so many hours in the day you can sleep so the rest of that time is spent binge watching TV shows on Netflix. I've watched everything from Orange Is The New Black to Pretty Little Liars to Your Lie In April but recently I've been loving these shows in particular: 

That 70s Show: 

I started watching That 70s Show when I finished college and one month later I have only 20 episodes left to watch. When I was younger I hated That 70s Show, mainly because I was probably too young to understand the jokes and never got why the gang sat in 'the circle' laughing - why was that so funny? (after spending a year in college I now completely get it). 
I have cried and laughed at this show and I feel so close to the characters, relating to all of them in some shape or form. I love Jackie's style, Kelso's innocence, Hyde's realism, Fez's humour, Eric's nerdy side and Donna's tomboy side. I love that it's a 90s show (because I love love love the 90s) but it's set in the 70s, another time era I wish I lived through. 
I find this show so easy to watch, with the episodes being only 20 minutes long, you can easily binge watch it in a number of weeks. I love That 70s Show so much I'm already planning on re-watching it as soon as I'm finished. Also can I just mention how CUTE Red and Kitty are!!! That is my marriage goals.

Scream (TV series):

I've only just started watching Scream but I've seen all the movies while I was growing up and I love them so much. I'm so obsessed with horror and gore, serial killings and crime. I also love that Scream touches on Cyber-bullying in such a unique way. I am only four episodes in but I can already tell that I love it!

Good Morning Call:

Everyone already knows I'm obsessed with anime but I thought I would give a proper Japanese TV show a go and Good Morning Call has 5 stars on Netflix so I thought it would be the best place to start. This show is absolutely the cutest thing ever! It's so funny but it has also made me cry..A LOT. At first it took me a while to get over to mediocre acting and the fact that they were not cartoon characters but real life people, but after the first two episodes I was hooked. I watched twelve episodes in two days and there is absolutely no sign of me slowing down. I love the characters, the storyline and obviously the fact that it's set in Japan. If you can get over reading subtitles I highly recommend giving this show a watch!

What shows have you been watching recently? 

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