Photo Diary: Sea Sessions with Lala

July 15, 2016
A few weekends ago I attended Sea Sessions in Bundoran with my best friend ever, ever, Laura. For those of you who don't know Sea Sessions is basically a weekend long festival in a small town in County Donegal. It's set up beside the sea and mainly consists of music, surfing (for people who can surf AKA not me), drinking and more drinking (more info here). This was my first time ever going to Sea Sessions but I already can't wait for next year (Laura, I'm dragging you with me).

The acts for day one were 99 Souls, Mark McCabe and Gavin James. I literally didn't know one word of Gavin James but that didn't stop me or Laura. We drank a lot of Desparados and took a lot of pictures with our festival make up. 

Day Two was a write off. We had a bottle of wine each by the sea (v romantic) and we both almost died. I lost my fav sunglasses and neither of us know what acts played. At least we looked amazing with our make up done again and I got to play Twisted. A+ day.

By day three we were dying. I looked like I had been pulled out of my grave (hence the lack of photos) and I didn't even think I was going to make it to Bundoran (We made it). We drank a lot of Desparados again and we got our make up done. Again. Tinie Tempah was amazing. Even though I love love loved the weekend I was so beyond happy to crawl into my bed by Sunday night. 

Overall I had the best weekend ever filled with silliness with my Laura and lots and lots of glitter! I'm so excited for next year (and to be reunited with Laura in September for more antics). 

My make up was done by Gill Lambert (gill.lambert92_) so feel free to give her a little follow 'cos she was so lovely and really talented!