Photo Diary: Ulster-American Folk Park, Omagh

July 29, 2016

The following day after my family and I visited Lissadell House we went to the Ulster-American Folk Park in Omagh and let me tell you I was not looking forward to this. My anxiety was playing up so much and the thought of spending the day walking around small cottages with crowds of people literally turned my stomach.

However, I pushed myself to go and you know what? I had a lovely day. Apart from a few hiccups AKA moments of sheer panic and anxiety, I really enjoyed myself.

The Ulster-American Folk Park is an outdoor museum which tells the story of Ireland's history of emigration. It is very interesting and allows you to experience Ireland's history as you walk through cottages, schools and churches. You can even get on a boat and travel to America. I love that you really get to see what it was like during the times as you experience first hand.

It really is a lovely day out for all the family and I personally think it is so worthwhile taking a visit. This was my third time visiting the park and I have learned something new every visit!

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