August 14, 2016
I feel like I haven't written a beauty post in ages. Although in my recent fashion post I said I feel like I haven't done a fashion post in ages. I have absolutely no idea what I've been writing about recently but I am genuinely trying to add more diversity into my blog again. I'm excited for what's to come..

Today I'm talking about the products I use right before I drift off into a peaceful slumber (or right before I nestle down with Chester for a 5 hour long Netflix binge..) I don't necessarily use these products religiously but I do use them often and they are placed on my night stand for easy access when I feel like I need them. 

It wouldn't be a beauty post on my blog without mentioning my fav Soap & Glory. I think I mention at least one of their products in every single one of my blog posts and I'm not sorry. The scent alone of their products can win me over.

I am obsessed with moisturising my hands (I keep Soap & Glory's Hand Dream Super Cream in my bag AT. ALL. TIMES.) I prefer Hand Food for night time as its extremely creamy and dries in super fast (I hate when I apply hand cream and it makes my phone all greasy). Hand Food leaves my hands feeling soft, smooth and nourished. Is it possible that your hands can be hungry for moisture? Yes, and Hand Food leaves them feeling as though they have been fed with all the right things. And, of course, it smells amazing, FYI.

I know this is supposed to be similar to a gloss but I don't care I will wear this to bed every night. The smell and taste of this lip balm is so so so good. I have the raspberry flavoured on and the clementine flavoured one (which I HATE the smell of but it's still an amazing lip balm). The raspberry one has a slight pink tint to it which is perfect for if you don't feel like wearing lipstick (or you're going to bed like me, haha). It's really hydrating and isn't sticky. The texture is more smooth than most lip balms and leaves them feeling soft as it heals dry, chapped lips. 

I've already talked about this in my Olis Skincare Review but, to sum up, this lip balm is everything that is good in the world of lips. It has everything you need for smooth, hydrated and happy lips. All the ingredients are natural and it's PEPPERMINT flavoured, which is literally perfection.

As terrifying as it is to say I am getting older. Yes, I'm only 19 years old but I'm starting to look after my skin now, so that it stays as youthful for as long as possible. One area in particular that I'm paranoid about is my eye area. I have REALLY smiley eyes, and although this isn't necessarily a bad thing it does leave me susceptible to wrinkles under and around my eyes. This is a cream for your lip and eye area but I just use it around my eyes, because that's where I'm most conscious of. 

I always love Dermalogica products for my skin, but this is the first eye product I've used by them and I absolutely love it. It soaks in immediately and has a quick tightening affect on the skin around my eyes. It leaves them feeling smooth due to it's velvety texture. I always find I wake up with brighter eyes after applying this the night before, which for me, is a huge plus!

This moisturiser is perfect as it is a medium weight, fast absorbing and non greasy. I love applying this cream at night as it gives the product time to soak in and nourish my skin while I sleep. My skin always feels smooth and fresh when I wake up the following morning. It provides the skin with the hydration it needs as it combats dry areas and has even cleared up blemish scars in some areas of my face. I absolutely love this product. I have nearly finished my tube and unfortunately it is quite on the expensive side, but SO worth it.