FEELING 70S & Getting Back Into Blogging

August 11, 2016

Yesterday I made a three course meal for my brother because it was his birthday during the week. While making it I got the sudden urge to do a fashion post. It's been a while since I shared an outfit on my blog and I wore this outfit a while back on Instagram and lots of people seemed to like it. I really missed doing fashion posts, even though getting pictures taken for them still feels extremely awkward. I guess I'm not very photogenic. Still, I love putting together outfits and sharing them on my blog. I want to get back into sharing my outfits on my blog. I just find them so fun and these are the types of posts I read most often. Although I must say I've been loving reading beauty posts again recently. I'm so happy with blogging recently, I finally feel like I'm getting back into it.

I felt a bit 70s here if I'm honest and I didn't hate it. When I first put together this outfit I was in the midst of my That 70s Show binge and I think I was half trying to be Jackie. I love this skirt, although it is slightly too big but that's okay because I've been loving wearing belts recently. I think this jumper goes really well with this skirt. I really love this look. It's very cute. Definitely my style. Unfortunately the skirt AND the jumper are from Primark which cannot be purchased online but I've seen this skirt in almost all Primarks (with jeans in the same design!). I, of course, was wearing my Alex and Ani bracelet which I never take off. I want to wear this outfit 'til the day I die.