Inglot Freedom System Palette

August 18, 2016

Recently my best friend gave me my birthday present (my birthday was in December but anyway) and what she got me was the Inglot Freedom System Palette with four single Inglot eye shadows (and an Inglot make up lesson which I can't wait for but I'll talk about that at some other time). I've been using the palette non-stop recently because the shades she got for me speak to my soul and I'm obsessed. Today I thought I would talk about the palette as I've never really tried anything from Inglot before for whatever reason (seriously remind me why I don't own every Inglot eye shadow because I've been missing out!)

So basically the Freedom System palette gives you a chance to create your own palette, which can often be expensive but considering I got the four slot palette, costing €8 and four shadows, each costing between €6 and €8, my palette cost a total of €36 which isn't bad at all considering the size and quality of the shadows themselves.

So the four shadows she got for me were: 

Freedom Eye Shadow 430 (Gold)

Freedom System Rainbow Eye Shadow 116

The palette itself is magnetic which I love, as the shadows slot in easily and you don't have to worry about them falling out and breaking. The palette is compact and easily stored. There's something satisfying about it being a square shape. Is that just me? 

I don't have the black shade swatched, or in the actual palette as my sister was using it
The shadows themselves are extremely pigmented and easy to blend. They are quite smooth and there's is literally no fall out whatsoever which is amazing, and really hard to come by, especially with darker shades like 306 and 117. 

I've been using 430 and 116 so much. I absolutely love golden shades as they really bring out the green in my eyes and I think 116 is the perfect base/transition shade. I haven't used the black shade AS MUCH because I find black doesn't really suit me (it brings back horrible memories from my 'emo' phase where I wore black on my lid and under my eye). 

I can't talk highly enough of these shadows. I love love love them. For anyone who hasn't tried out Inglot's eye shadows I seriously recommend them. They are such high quality with such an affordable price tag!