My Bucket List REVISITED | What I Want To Do Before I'm 25

August 20, 2016
Over a year ago I wrote a blog post talking about what I wanted to achieve before I turned 25 and although I'm still 6 years away from my deadline I thought it might be nice to revisit some of my goals to see how far I've come. (Read my Bucket List here).  Looking back at this post I am SO beyond pleased with myself with how far I've come in just over a year.

Start University in Galway:

I've just finished my first year in NUI Galway and I am incredibly happy in my course and with the people and met. I got through the most horrible year of my life AKA the Leaving Cert, I got my results and the points I needed and I am now doing the course of my dreams. I am so happy. I can't wait to start second year in September. 

Visit the Eiffel Tower:

After I wrote my bucket list last year my plans were to visit Paris for the first time ever and it was amazing! Although I didn't go up the Eiffel Tower (too many people aka anxiety) I did love just walking around it and sitting watching people. Paris, in general, was so beautiful and I would 100% go back again (please someone take me?) 

Continue learning and speaking en Francais:

One of the subjects I do as part of my BA Connect in college is French so yes, I have continued to learn and speak French but now, one year on, I absolutely despise the language and I wish I could drop it. I can't. 

Meet some blogging friends:

This one has still yet to happen but Niamh, Aisling, Jennie and I have been discussing meeting up which I am SO excited about because all we seem to do is talk on WhatsApp. I can't wait to finally meet these girls (and hear their accents!).

Go to Japan (for x amount of months):

This has obviously not happened yet, but it is currently in the works. I am hoping (emphasis on 'hoping') to spend next summer in Japan, possibly working in a summer camp. If not, I will 100% be spending some time in Japan when I'm finished college, in 3 years...

Overcome my anxiety:

While I still struggle every day with my anxiety, OCD and Trichotillomania I feel like I've come a very, very long way in coping and dealing with it in a much better way than before. I have put on weight and I am no longer unhealthily thin. I am now down to 5mg of Lexapro and I am hoping to come off my meds by the end of this year. I am pushing myself to do more and more things that are outside my comfort zone. I am in no way close to being free from my mental illness BUT I am a lot happier and healthier. 

I don't think it would be appropriate to discuss the healthy, happy relationship in this blog post seeing as I had that but not anymore. 

So that's my update. I have done a lot more than what I thought I would this soon. If you've done a bucket list on your blog leave the link in the comments below!