Reviewing Old Goals & Setting New AUTUMN GOALS

September 1, 2016

At the beginning of summer I sat down with my laptop and typed up FIVE goals I wanted to aim for during the summer and although some of these didn't exactly go to plan I can safely say that I had a really lovely summer and even though things didn't work out exactly how I'd planned, I am actually a lot happier than I could've ever anticipated.

So, because these goals worked out so well I decided I would write some new goals for the Autumn months. I really love having a plan and having something to aim for. It makes me feel a lot more productive. As I have anxiety, I feel the need to plan things done to the last detail so I find that having goals helps keep me at ease, and although they sometimes don't work out, it shows me (and my anxiety) that everything will always turn out okay in the end.

So without rambling too much I'm going to talk through what I wanted to achieve and what I actually achieved this summer.

Goal #1: Meet up with some Irish bloggers:
Yeah, so this didn't happen. What the hell Aisling, Jen and Niamh??? I'm sad we didn't meet up BUT WE WILL.

Goal #2: Set up a Facebook page for my blog:
I didn't do this either.. BUT I did tell a few more people about my blog which was a really daunting thing to do but I am so so happy I did because my best friend, Hannah is being the BEST EVER and is so supportive. I love you, Hans.

Goal #3: Forgive my father:
Although I haven't forgiven my Dad I have come to term with what he's done and I have decided that I'm not ready to forgive him. Before summer I forced myself to visit him a few times but I didn't feel good about it so now I'm happy to just get on with my life and for him to get on with his. Maybe someday I'll forgive him, but at the moment I can't see myself getting over how he treated, and is treating my family. 

Goal #4: Read more:
Although I haven't really read many books this summer I've been really loving reading everyone's blog posts, lifestyle posts in particular! If you have any posts you love/are proud of, hit me up!

Goal #5: Complete my blogging goals:
This one surprised me most. I set out at the beginning of summer hoping to grow my audience by a few hundred but WOW. This summer I have gained over 10,000 page views in total and I have been able to take part in so many opportunities as a result. Building an audience is really difficult when you come from a really small town in the North West of Ireland so the fact that so many people choose to read my blog actually amazes me. Not only that, I found out last night that I am a FINALIST in the Littlewoods Irish Blogger Awards 2016. Can you believe that? I was happy to be in the longlist never mind a finalist, especially since there are SO many amazing bloggers in the beauty category (including my girl Aisling from aislingsbeautybytes). I have surpassed my blogging goals this summer ten times over and for that, I thank you! (See the rest of the finalists here)

So, after all that, what do I want to achieve this Autumn? I honestly don't think I will achieve anything as great as being made a finalist in the blogger awards but there are a few things I am aiming for. 

1. Attend lectures: This seems so simple but last year I had such a hard time attending lectures and classes. Whether it was because I was anxious going to my French class where I knew nobody and had to speak in a completely different language to strangers, or I felt I couldn't leave the house if the kitchen wasn't clean enough, I attended very college. This really impacted me when I was doing my exams. I lost A LOT of marks for attendance etc. and ended up failing French, meaning I'm not able to do Psychology this year. This year I really want to push myself to attend even HALF my lectures. I know this isn't going to be easy but I really want to start pushing myself to get on top of my mental illness.

2. Get a job: I didn't work all summer because after such a hard year I wanted to give myself a bit of a break, considering I've been working since I was fifteen, and work primarily on my blog. Although I do get a small income from my blog, it does take up a lot of my time so when I move back to Galway I'm *hoping* to get a job somewhere and work on my blog part time. Now that my brother, Emmet lives in Galway full time and Shane is working in San Fran it's just my Mam and Dearbhla at home so, as awful as it sounds, I don't see much point going home every weekend. I'm hoping to work somewhere during the weekend, attend college during the week and work on my blog any free time I have in between.

3. See more of my Nana: It's sad when you can see your Grandparents getting older. I visit my Granny almost every weekend and because time is so precious to them I can sometimes see a big change in her from one Saturday to the next, so imagine what it must be like when you only see your Grandparents once or twice a year! Since my parents have separated I haven't felt ready enough to see my Dad and because of this I have neglected to see his parents, my Grandparents. I am very close to my Nana and we would talk about a lot of things so the fact that I've only seen her twice since Christmas breaks my heart. I saw her a few days ago and I could see her getting old. I missed her a lot so I'm going to make it a priority to see her more. Just because my Dad messed up doesn't mean the rest of us have to suffer.

4. Blog at least once or twice a week: Last September I started my first year in NUI Galway and everyone in Ireland knows that Galway is literally party central. I'm not going to lie I went out a lot. Like A LOT. This resulted in me being hungover/drunk about 60% of the week and I never blogged. Like. for three months. Not only that, I was going through a REALLY hard time with my then boyfriend going to America (for what I thought would be a year) and my Dad breaking up my entire family. My anxiety was awful and although I hadn't been diagnosed with OCD at that time, it was there. In full swing. It's safe to say I wasn't feeling very inspired. This year I refuse to let this happen because it is my blog that got me through those awful times and I would hate to lose sight of what's important to me again. I know the amount of content I post will most definitely drop when I head back to college but I don't want to leave the Internet just yet.

5. Stop being so hard on myself: For someone who is so upbeat and positive about everything and everyone else I am extremely hard on myself. I question my decisions, my dreams and my abilities on a daily basis. I've always been very hard on myself from a young age but for the first time ever I've started to believe in myself (yes I cringed so much typing that). Really though, I always thought my blog was awful, I had no talent blah blah blah but the fact that I'm a finalist in the Littlewoods Blogger Awards 2016 now makes me think twice before thinking I'm bad at what I do. And that isn't just it, I've actually realised I'm pretty good at other things. I am working really hard on promoting mental health etc. Don't get me wrong I don't suddenly think I sh*t chocolate but at least now I'm not as bad as I thought I was, and I want to keep working on that.

I really love working on these seasonal goals posts. I hope you like reading them! 

What are your Autumn goals?