September 6, 2016

After an academic FAIL in my first year of college (I swear I probably attended about 30 percent of my lectures, thanks Anxiety, thanks OCD) I am determined to have a better year this year. Everyone who knows me knows I love stationary. It's a strange type of love, almost overwhelming. I found a weekly planner in TKMaxx the last day and almost cried I was so excited. There's just something about organisation that makes me feel so calm and in control. Tiger, in particular, is one of my favourite places ever to get stationary because everything is so unique and quirky! When Dearbhla and I were in Dublin we were SO excited to get into Tiger to buy some stuff for going back to school/college. Although I know that pretty stationary does not equate to getting my entire life in order a few nice coloured pens and cute sticky notes does seem to make me feel better about things. In reality all this lovely stuff will probably sit on my shelf in my new room but at least it looks pretty?

I know everyone secretly has a soft spot for stationary, I wanted to show those of you who share my stationary obsession what I got! (these links may not lead directly to each product but I tried my best to find similar things!)