COFFEEWERK + PRESS | Blogmas Day 3

December 3, 2016

Coffeewerk + Press is a gorgeous little cafe located on Quay Street in Galway, which showcases art and design. A few weeks ago I got coffee here with my friend and roommate, Niamh while we were out shopping. From outside it looks like your average coffee shop but step inside and you are met by bright colours, unique artwork and a calm and simplistic aesthetic.  

The atmosphere in Coffeewerk is wonderful. You can wander around and have a look at the designs while drinking coffee or sit in one of the upstairs rooms looking out the window down at the busy streets of Galway, It's extremely laid back and is a great place to go for a chat. It's very easy to stay long after your coffee is gone because it's so peaceful and beautiful to look at.

Every aspect of this coffee shop is perfect. Beautiful prints, brilliant artwork, unique decor and delicious coffee are all combined to make Coffeewerk + Press the most aesthetically pleasing coffee shop I've ever visited. 

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