Little Things I Love About Christmas | Blogmas Day 6

December 6, 2016
Everyone knows that I am, without a doubt, crazy at Christmastime. I love Christmas. I look forward to the festive months all year long and as soon as Halloween is over Christmas, for me, is in full swing. I woke up feeling really festive this morning and thought it was a good time to write about the things that I love about Christmas. Fancy gifts and presents are lovely and everything but it really is the small things that make me happy at Christmastime and I wanted to share them with you.

1. Fairy lights, glittery baubles and tinsel. I love putting up Christmas decorations and I've decked my house in college out with sets upon sets of fairy lights and EIGHT meters of tinsel just in the kitchen. Tinsel is so tacky. I love it.

2. Christmas music. I spoke about my favourite Christmas songs in this post yesterday. I love it all. The cheesier, the better. 

3. Same goes for Christmas movies. I love them. From It's A Wonderful Life to The Polar Express. I will watch hours and hours of remakes of A Christmas Carol and never get bored of the story. 

4. Ice-cold mornings. I used to love going to school on mornings that the air was so cold and I could see my breath when I spoke. I don't even care if it doesn't snow (even though that is the dream) I just love very cold, dry, crisp winter mornings. 

5. Christmas cake. Since forever, my mam and I would make Christmas cake together just after Halloween every single year. This year was the first time I didn't get to help her because I'm working in Galway but still, I can't wait to eat it. We always make way too much and are still eating it well into the New Year. It's my fave,

6. Cinnamon. I hate the taste of cinnamon but I can't get enough of the smell. We always have SO MANY Cinnamon Stick Yankee Candle's in our house during the winter months. 

7. Christmas pyjamas. My pyjamas, pictured above, are from Pennys/Primark. This year I've also developed an unhealthy obsession with Christmas slippers. I want all the comfy clothes, please.

8. Wrapping presents. A lot of effort is put into wrapping presents for me. I need to get it just right, because it's the first thing people see when you give them a present and I always think it's nice to go the extra mile when gift-giving, especially at Christmas (and I generally just love it.)

You wouldn't believe how difficult it was to keep this list short. I literally love everything about Christmas. I didn't even get to mention Christmas dinner, or the fact that my birthday is in the month of December but that's my list.

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