January 5, 2017
With 2017 finally here I decided I would sit down and think about what I would like to achieve blog-wise in the coming year. I'll admit that the last few months of blogging in 2016 have been a disaster but before I went back to college I was doing so well with my blog so I want to carry that out consistently throughout 2017. I am so determined to work hard on my blog this year as I got a boost of motivation and inspiration when I looked at my monthly stats for December and saw that I reached 10,000 page views in that month alone!!!! Usually I would manage to get 2,000 to 5,000 so I absolutely smashed my record and I really want to keep that up. 

Post more often
It's well known that I talk a lot about my post schedule and how I plan my posts. I'm so organised when it comes to planning content for my blog but finding the time to actually sit down and write is near impossible. This year I really want to post on a more regular basis, like I did during the summer, so I hope to do at least four posts per month. If all goes to plan that will hopefully work out as one post per week, but knowing me it'll probably go more like four posts in one week and then none for the rest of the month. We'll see...

Work with more Irish brands
When I'm lucky enough I get to work with some lovely brands and as my stats grow I get to work with more. I feel weird discussing this as it feels like I'm bragging but this year I'm hoping to work with more Irish brands as I work with a number of great ones last year including MyLadyBug and Olis Skincare, along with some other really nice non-Irish brands. 

Redesign aillyx
I've had the same header on my blog since I basically started blogging and my template is so boring and out of date. As other bloggers progress in their blog designs I feel as though I'm stuck in a rut and I hate the look of my blog. I literally never go on my own blog because I find it so boring. Not only that, it looks unprofessional. It was fine when my blog was a lot smaller but now that I'm making more money off it I want it to look better too. I hope to do this before summer. 

Work on my blog photography/Instagram 
I am so lazy when it comes to taking pictures for my blog and Instagram. I take them in bulk and usually just take generic photos so I can match them with whatever blog post fits best. I also never, ever edit my photos. This is something I really want to change as it is something that I find so important when I'm reading blogs. I'll be more likely to read your posts if you have pretty pictures so I need to start putting in the effort. I have tried a lot more on Instagram recently by using more hashtags and actually attempting some form of a 'theme' and it HAS made a difference so I hope to keep that going. 

Attend the events I'm invited to
This is something that I really, really want to do. I got invited to a number of events throughout the year and I didn't attend ANY OF THEM. I always feel so lucky to be invited to these events, and I usually have hopes to go but my anxiety ALWAYS gets the better of me and I pull out last minute. In 2017 I want to attend at least three events that I'm invited to. 

Do you have any blog goals, or goals in general, for 2017?

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