March 13, 2017
I may be almost TWO WEEKS late (can you believe we're already two weeks into March???) but I really really really wanted to do this post. I love March so much, and I'm feeling very positive about this month. March, for me, means the end of the dark and depressing evenings. Things are getting lighter and brighter and I feel happier. I hate January and February and I find that they are my worst mental health months and with everything going on in my personal life recently they were even harder than usual, but March means daffodils and lambs and pastel colours. March means everything is going to get a lot easier.

Recently I've found myself in a pit of bad mental health. Days upon days where I didn't feel happy. It's hard enough having one bad mental health day but when it goes on for weeks and weeks it's exhausting. I felt hopeless for a while, but that's not what this post is about. After Christmas I stopped doing my 'goals' posts, which I really loved doing. They're probably some of my favourite posts I've ever written. Recently I've fell out of love with my blog. I still love blogging but I hate my own blog. I'm not proud of it anymore and every time I try to write I find something wrong with it, but because I've been feeling like this I've decided to bring my goals posts back. I'm really excited about this.

This time around I'm going to do them every month because I found that when I did them a season at a time, so much time passed between each one that I kind of forgot to actually work towards my goals and I found that I was constantly failing. This was one of the reason I stopped doing them. They made me feel bad when I didn't complete what I wanted to, but once a month seems a lot more manageable. So I've decided on some goals for this month. They are quite simple but because of my recent low moods and bad mental health I've based them around things that I know will make me feel better every day.

1. Do something blog related every day:
I put a lot of pressure on myself to blog. Everything has to be perfect and when it's not, I get very frustrated and end up giving up. This month I've decided to do something blog related every day (I've been posting a lot over on Instagram) whether it's taking blog photos, using Instagram stories or planning posts. Blogging makes me so happy and keeping on top of my blog will allow me to have constant motivation. The more I think about my blog in my every day life, the more inspiration I get.

2. Get outside every day:
I'm guilty of staying in my comfort zone and not leaving the house unless I have to go to the shop to get food. Over the weekend the weather was beautiful and I went to the Spanish Arch and it put me in such a good mood. Despite what people probably think, I'm actually a very outdoorsy type person and being in the fresh air helps drastically boost my mood.

3. Drink more water:
Like I said, these goals are very, very simple, but I get headaches a lot and I blame it on not drinking enough water. I used to drink so much water and my skin thanked me. When my skin is bad, my mood is bad so drinking water will hopefully improve my skin, my mood and leave me with less headaches.

4. Do yoga:
I feel like I say this in every goals post and every 'attempt to improve my mental health' post but yoga is so beneficial and puts me in such a good mood. It's just a lot more difficult to do in it college, where I don't have a lot of room or a yoga mat, but this month I'm going to try.

5. Spend time getting ready in the morning:
Lately, I've spent five seconds choosing an outfit and gone most days without make up and although I love not wearing make up, I do love spending time putting effort into how I look and feeling preeeetty. Fashion and beauty are two things I love, and why I started this blog in the first place so doing something simple like wearing nice clothes and spending time playing with my make up will really help with my happiness.

So I have around two weeks left to put these goals into action. I'm really looking forward to getting back into these kinds of posts and hopefully, in turn, I'll learn to love my blog again.

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