Little Ways to Feel Better on a Bad Day

April 25, 2017
Some days you can't help but wake up feeling terrible. It's the worst feeling ever when you wake up and you can't wait for the day to end. I wrote a post touching on this topic almost a year ago so today I decided I would write a post on some of the things that I do when I wake up on one of those days. 

I'm a very structured person. I like organisation. I like to know what exactly is going to happen from day to day. Uncertainty is a huge N O from me. Every night I write a list of what I'm going to do the following day. Not like a to-do list, like literally everything I'm going to do. From showering to having breakfast to sitting down for a coffee with my Mam during her lunch break, e v e r y t h i n g I plan to do goes on that list and God help you if you try and change my plans. This list helps keep my head straight and keeps my OCD at ease from day to day. It's probably not the best way of combating my mental illness, and I should really just go with the flow, but for now, it's what gets me through the day. Anyway, I'm rambling and should get on with the actual topic of this post.

The main reason I'm writing this is because some mornings I wake up and when I look at my list I literally want to burst into tears and throw the covers over my head. Even the thought of getting up to put the emersion on fills me with dread. On days like these I do like to get up and so that the day doesn't feel like a complete waste of time because we all know that makes everything seem so much worse. However, I do like to take it easy on myself and, surprisingly, on days like these, I usually end up ignoring my list. It's a funny thing. Anyway, the things I do to help myself are very simple but have such a good impact on my mood.

Fresh air.
The first thing I like to do is to open the curtains and windows. I do this every morning because I love letting fresh air into my room when I wake up. It makes me feel a lot more alive and instantly improves my mood.

Get moving.
Since moving home I've been doing yoga basically every morning. I love yogawithadrienne and I always follow her videos. She has practices from 10 minutes to an hour in length and she has such a wide variety of videos like yoga for anxiety, yoga for headaches and morning and nighttime yoga (I use these the most!). If I don't have time for yoga, or really can't muster up the motivation to get on the mat, I still like to make sure I do some form of stretching.

There's nothing I love more in the morning than coffee but when I feel anxious or stressed, or even if I'm in a bad mood, I know coffee is not the way to go. I love coffee but it actual makes me feel awful and causes me to become so much more anxious. So, instead, I find that if I drink a glass of water, or juice, I feel better. Herbal teas, like camomille and mint teas are also amazing.

Burn essential oils.
Recently I've been burning peppermint and/or rosemary oil every morning when I wake up, and every night before bed while I do my yoga. They smell amazing and the scent lingers in my room for hours and hours. Peppermint is thought to reduce anxiety*. It's also great for headache relief. Rosemary is said to reduce stress* which is perfect for those of you who have exams coming up! We have so many types of essential oils in my house but I've been loving these from Buff and Butter. You can browse some more essential oils here.

Chill out.
Like I said, I like to take it easy on myself when I feel like this, whether it's reading a book, watching Netflix, painting my nails or colouring. I like to feel as if I'm doing something even when I'm doing nothing so keeping my mind occupied is very important but don't do anything too strenuous. Look after yourself.

What do you do when you wake up feeling bad?

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