REVIEW | Dr.PAWPAW Multipurpose Soothing Balm*

April 12, 2017
After the couple of sunny days we'e had here in Ireland it finally feels like Spring. I absolutely love a season changeover because I can start switching up my make up routine again and start finding new products, or products that I've forgotten about, to fall in love with. Recently I've been keeping my make up very natural with little eyeshadow, no eyeliner and tinted balms instead of lipstick and I've really loved it. When I received the Multipurpose Soothing Balms* from Dr.PAWPAW I was so excited to try them. Dr.PAWPAW is such a lovely brand and their products are genuinely really, really great.

I received three of their balms - Tinted Ultimate Red Balm, Tinted Peach Pink Balm and a Limited Edition Red Sparkle Balm and I really wanted to talk about them on my blog because I've been wearing them every day for almost three weeks!

Dr.PAWPAW is made from all natural ingredients and is paraben and alcohol free. The main ingredient in Dr.PAWPAW balms is Pawpaw which has natural healing qualities so their balms are amazing for protecting and moistuising the skin and lips and can be used as

I have very dry, cracked lips but wearing these balms every day has helped SO MUCH! I can't even describe how moisturising these balms are. They aren't sticky at all and soak into the skin/lips almost immediately. The light tint in the balms are perfect for Spring as the colour isn't overpowering. I especially love the peach shade because it is such a Spring colour.

The Limited Edition Red Sparkle shade is absolutely beautiful as it is has very small, subtle specks of glitter through it. You can't see it from my swatches but it does look different to the normal Red Balm in real life.

Dr.PAWPAW can also be used on the cheeks to add colour as well as the lips. I haven't tried this because I hate the thought of a lip product on my cheeks and vice versa but the shades are so pretty they probably would look lovely to add a slight sheen to your cheeks.

I find myself grabbing these balms so often because they are doing my dry lips wonders. They are so easy to throw into your bag for immediate hydration.

Dr.PAWPAW is also OFFICIALLY cruelty free. They have never tested on animals but have recently got official recognition, which is amazing.

You can purchase any Dr.PAWPAW products here.

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