San Francisco, Part 1

June 27, 2017
It's currently 4 in the morning and I'm still jet lagged af. I've just ordered some more clothes online and had a scroll through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and not one part of me feels sleepy so what better way to spend my time than actually writing a post on here? (since my rebrand I've been pretty bad at keeping up to date with all things blogger related). I tried to write this post earlier when I was watching Love Island but it was way too hard because I KNOW it's gonna' be a long one so bear with me. I'll probably end up splitting this post into two parts because I have a fair few photos.

If you follow me on Instagram you MUST know I was in San Francisco last week with my Mam and my sister. We spent 10 days over there and did quite a lot of exploring, eating and shopping. In this post I'm going to be mainly talking through what we did and what I thought of the places we saw (would I recommend etc). I'm also planning on doing a post about what I got in Sephora because obviously.

So, we left home at 5AM on the Monday night/Tuesday morning and we arrived in San Francisco in the late evening on the Tuesday (don't even dare ask me about time zones and all that because it had my brain fried!) and we left San Francisco at 2PM the following Thursday and arrived home in Donegal in the evening at some stage (at that point I didn't know what day it was or anything). It was an extremely long journey but it was bearable. We flew with Aer Lingus and we obvs had movies and food during the flight. Dearbhla and I were buzzin', tbh.

So on the first full day, we just wanted to find our way around. We walked around for what seemed like forever trying to find Lombard Street. I didn't know what the flip Lombard Street was but my Mam was adamant that it was on some show when she was growing up and she couldn't wait to see it. With the help of an old Italian couple, who had basically no English and after Dearbhla struggled walking up the street in her slides, we eventually found it.

It was really pretty to be fair, and definitely worth going to see. Although it was so hard to get nice photos because it was so busy and cars were driving down it constantly. Also, people in America do not wait until you're finished taking a picture before walking through.

Afterwards, we walked around Pier 39, which we spent a lot of time doing during the week because Dearbhla and I were obsessed with it. That night we met Shane for dinner in the Cheesecake Factory after walking around lost for almost TWO HOURS. I guess I can't really read a map. I had a chicken burrito and like, one bite of my Oreo cheesecake before my food coma.

On the second day we planned to go to Alcatraz Island, which I didn't know much about but it ended up being one of my favourite days. I love history so I was really interested in the story of Alcatraz. We got a boat from the pier and the views were just amazing. I literally took a million photos.

On the island we first watched a short video about the island and a brief history about it and then we went on to have a look around. When we got to the old cells there was an audio tour which was so interesting. It lasted 45 minutes but it flew by and I never wanted it to end. Not only was the history so brilliant, the views and the island itself was beautiful.

After Alcatraz we went back to the hotel for a while before getting ready to go for dinner. That evening we went to an Italian, 'Fior D'Italia', which is over 120 years old! It was so good, all the pasta was made fresh. Although I wasn't a huge fan of the decor, everything else was perfect!

On day three, we went shopping on Market Street, and spent most of our time (and money) in Sephora. I'll be sharing what I got in Sephora very soon so stay tuned for that. Then we went back to the hotel and spent the evening at the pool. That night we met Shane again for dinner. We went to another Italian down by Fisherman's Wharf but I can't remember the name!

So I'm going to leave it there for part one because I don't want to bore everyone with endless photos. I still have plenty of photos from Yosemite, China Town and the Japanese Tea Gardens so I should have that up in the next few days.

Thank you so much for reading. I really hoped you enjoyed looking through my travels with me. If you've been to San Francisco, or you're planning on going, let me know on Twitter! I absolutely loved it and honestly never wanted to leave.

Much love,
Aileen xo