San Francisco, Part 2

July 6, 2017
Last week I wrote about my first few days in San Francisco but there was so much to it that I decided to split it into two different posts, so today I'm here with part two of my trip to San Francisco.

I also forgot to mention the hotel we stayed in in part one. We stayed at the Sheraton Fisherman's Wharf hotel which was in walking distance of Pier 39. It was so nice, and the staff, in particular, were brill!

You have NO idea how hard it was to say Goodbye to this bed at 5AM on the morning of our third day to drive to Yosemite. I had literally no idea what was in store when Shane said he was taking us to Yosemite. The girls in my family are not what you would call outdoorsy people so camping is not typically high on our holiday agenda, but after Yosemite I'm beginning to think I'm more in touch with nature than I originally thought 'cos even though some parts of the trip were not my thing, i.e. peeing in a bush, I actually ended up really liking the whole experience.

Honestly the journey to Yosemite was difficult. It was like 40 degrees and it felt like we were driving forever. We stopped in Denny's for breakfast which was amazing but I don't think I appreciated it as much as I should of because we spent the next two days pretty much in the wilderness, haha.

Despite all my complaining though, it was beautiful. I didn't even bother taking that many photos because nothing would do it justice. I also couldn't even use my phone when we hiked because I was so soaked from the waterfall. There were literally puddles in my runners. I had to take my top off in the toilet cubicle and wring it out over the toilet. Yes, I actually did this.

Camping was also really fun. I've never been camping properly. Like, I've camped out the back of my house when I was young but this was proper light-a-fire-pee-in-a-bush-are-we-gonna-get-mauled-by-a-bear type camping. Also the night was kind of scary 'cos I thought there were literal bugs in my ears but I think I was hallucinating or something 'cos it was really warm and we were living on Lays Barbecue crisps.

Even though the weekend was a really amazing experience and the views were literally breathtaking, I was absolutely so grateful to be on the road home and when we stopped in Subway, I knew the 'I love nature and hiking' life was 100% not for me.

That evening I slept better than I had the entire time we were in San Francisco because I was so grateful to be showered and back in an actual BED.

The next day we spent a while at the pool because we literally couldn't face doing anything else. In the evening we went to Chinatown and you know I obviously loved every minute of it. The shops were so cute and we went the an amazing restaurant, where we had to wait AN HOUR for a table but it was so worth it. It was a pure authentic Chinese restaurant, with Chinese tea and everything! If you're ever, EVER in Chinatown I highly recommend R&G Lounge because it was one of my favs from our trip!

The following day, it was just me and my Mam, so we went to the Golden Gate park. Firstly we went to the Japanese Tea Gardens which were so so so beautiful. I was honestly in my ELEMENT.

The gardens were absolutely gorgeous and I took so many photos. ALSO we got to see a photo shoot, which wasn't amazing but they were dressed in kimonos and it was so fab. Like Yosemite, the photos just don't do the place justice because everything was honestly so perfect. It was pretty much my Japan board on Pinterest but IRL.

We obviously went into the little cafe in the tea gardens and we had Japanese cookies which were SO GOOD. At this stage though, my phone broke and I was literally so stressed because I definitely needed more Instagrams (I didn't). After the Tea Gardens we went to the Botanical Gardens which was also so pretty but I got no photos thanks to my phone.

After we were reunited with Dearbhla, we went out for dinner to The Chart House, on Pier 39 which was really nice. There was also the most beautiful sunset that night. I can't get over the pictures.

The final day, we did some last minute tourist shopping on Pier 39 and lay by the pool because we had done everything we wanted to do at this stage. That evening we went for dinner at Louie's and I'm so mad at myself for taking no pictures, whatsoever, the whole day? Worst blogger ever.

Well, that took all day. That's my second and final part of my travels to San Francisco. Looking back over these pictures makes me want to go back so badly. I would go back in a heartbeat. I really hope you liked reading through these posts (if you missed part one you can read it here).

Like I said in my last post, if you've ever been to San Francisco, or if you're planning a trip, hit me up on Twitter! Here's to my next trip, which I hope is sooner rather than later.

Much love,
Aileen xo