Sephora Haul

July 10, 2017
My blog posts featuring San Francisco are finally coming to an end. After writing about my trip in two parts (here and here) I thought I'd better get back to beauty and actually show what I got in Sephora, because honestly, that's what I am most excited about.

When we went to Paris a few years ago and we went into Sephora, I was not prepared and I came out with a Sephora face mask and a travel sized 'They're Real!'. It wasn't my most successful shopping spree but I was so overwhelmed - there was even a red carpet. So, when I was told we were going to America all those months ago, I knew I had to start mentally prepping myself for what was to come. Surprisingly though, Sephora was so much more relaxed in America and I wasn't terrified for my life.

Anyway, enough of that. I went in not knowing what I wanted to get because I wanted to take my sweet time looking through everything, swatching to my heart's content. Here's what I picked up.

You can't even begin to imagine my excitement when I found the Kat Von D stand. I've been dying over her liquid lipsticks forever so I had to get my hands on one. Of course, I went for red because could Kat ever go wrong when it comes to red lipstick? I was torn between two shades of red, both pretty similar but I eventually settled for 'Outlaw'.

Dearbhla and I searched the whole place and we couldn't find the Anastasia Beverly Hills stand so when I found it I had to hold in my happiness and try not to scream to Dearbhla from the other end of the shop. I fell in love with this ABH liquid lipstick in 'Lovely'. It is SO me. It's very, very similar to the NYX Liquid Suede Cream lipstick in Tea & Cookies, just more matte and slightly darker. I've been wearing it basically every single day.

You know I love to glow so I obviously had to get a highlighter so I went straight to Becca Cosmetics and once again, I was stuck between two options - Champagne Pop and Prismatic Amethyst (which I believe is limited edition??). I settled for Champagne Pop because every time I see someone online use it I die. It's stunning, and I'm so glad I got it rather than Prismatic Amethyst because it's a lot warmer and because I'm tanner now I think it looks a lot more natural.

I also ended up getting these Sephora Liquid Illuminating drops which are so so beautiful!!! They are literally impossible to get out of the bottle (the dropper is really bad) but when they do it's amazing. I use them under my foundation, or a mix them in with it. It gives such a nice glowy base and makes your skin look SO healthy.

And finally, onto the eyes. When I went into Sephora I knew I wanted an eyeshadow palette, and because my sister had been talking about getting the Modern Renaissance by ABH palette for weeks, I didn't see much point in getting that one. I had no idea which one I wanted and I was stuck between either this one, or the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette but I settled for the Tarteist Pro palette and I'm SO glad I did because I literally can't stop using it. It's amazing and it smells unreal. I will probably do a full review of this palette with swatches and things at some stage because I'm obsessed.

I also picked up a pair of Sephora eye lash curlers because my own broke a while back and I haven't had any in about six months. I have quite long curly lashes anyway, so usually mascara does the job, or that's what I thought because curling my lashes makes a massive difference. I don't need to curl them but just that extra 30 seconds when I'm getting ready is so worth it.

That's all for my Sephora haul. Other than that I didn't actually buy that much while I was away but I am so happy with all the beauty bits I got in Sephora. If you haven't already do have a little read of my posts about what I got up to when I wasn't shopping in San Francisco. There's a part one and a part two, and you can follow me over on Instagram to keep up to date with me.

Until next time,
Aileen xo