Guess who's back, back again?

October 22, 2018

I'm back, again, would you believe? How many times has it been now? Who's even keeping track? I always seem to get inspo for my blog for like, one day and I plan all these posts and I feel like the next Zoella, and then I remember I'm incredibly lazy and generally cba with my blog, or anything that requires effort. Not a good way to be. Since I changed my blog last year, I've completely lost interest in it altogether which is sad, 'cos I used to love blogging, and I always talk about wanting to get back into it but I can't seem to bring myself to actually do it. It's SUCH a bother for me. I hate taking photos. I'm sh*t at editing. I can always find something I'd rather be doing than sitting and trying to think out each word of a blog post.

Then I realised. That is just the problem.

Back when I loved blogging, I'd sit down, write out a post, snap a few piccys and press publish.There was no planning, no thinking, no editing, no research, Nothing. It was just me. I typed how I talk. I took my photos in crap lighting on my iPod and I loved it. And the funny thing is, those were the days that I had most engagement on my blog, and I'm not sure if that's because more people enjoyed my posts, or if it's because this industry has become so saturated in recent years, but all I know, is that back then, I couldn't care less if there was nobody reading my blog because I just loved doing it, and I really want to get back to that.

Okay, even I don't believe that I'm going to actually blog properly again, but I want to try lol. So, how am I gonna do this? Well, I want to basically have my blog really chilled again, strip it back so I don't get stressed about editing pictures. Life's too short for that carry on.

This whole REBRAND PART 2 is actually making me excited because I don't even know what I'm planning, 'cos I'm not planning anything. All I know is it's going to be more general life, things happening lately and my pointless thoughts. Probably with a little fashion, too. ALSO, I'm going to try micro-blogging, 'cos I know most people don't have the time or patience to read lengthy posts and I don't have 1.) enough happening in my life, and 2.) the attention span, to write really long blog posts anymore.

So yeah, that's it. Hope you're excited. See you soon (probably in 3 months).