Reintroducing Me

October 24, 2018

Hey. Since it's been a while since I properly blogged I thought I would share a little about me. I think it's important to sit down every so often to think about the person you are, how things have changed, and what you want to do or where you want to go next. I'm very different than I was when I started this blog. Back then I was massively interested in beauty and while I still love anything that will make me more beautiful, my interest has shifted more to fashion.

It's also funny how we can almost grow into our interests? Take for example, I was always interested in astrology but more so recently. When I was younger I always read the astrology section in magazines first and I always wanted to buy Sagittarius charms, necklaces, etc. Now I'm massively interested in all aspects of astrology and I put all my faith in it. Call me crazy but, I'm a Sagittarius.

In other news, I'm currently at home in Donegal and I'm now a certified nail technician which is good because seeing people who I started college with graduating all this week has been pretty crap. People are getting real jobs and I haven't a notion what I want to do with myself. It's fine, though. Honestly, what is the rush?

I'm still trying to figure out which direction I want to take my blog. I'm kind of liking this short rambly vibe but it might be incoherent to most people. I feel like it's more me, though. I talk a lot of nonsense and trying to piece together a full blog that reads smoothly is much too difficult for me. So expect more of whatever -this- is, from now on.